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Stubborn Heart

Stubborn Heart - Ken  Murphy I really liked this book. It was a nice enough read with a decent story and two fitting MC's. I had some niggles with it and mostly with the prologue. It would have been nicer if Mark was not as stubborn as he was, but the title had me expecting it. The book is not the sappiest in the world, but Trevor was one of those characters I loved. He was so gentle and I loved him.

The story begins with Mark finding out his boyfriend cheated. He walks into his boyfriends house and finds him in bed with another man he slept with before. Of course he cheated multiple times and that was the straw that broke the Camel's back. So after that we get to see him a few months later. He meets Trevor, who wants to start something with him.

I liked how the relationship started. But pretty soon I was left wondering how many times there would be an almost break up. Those scenes irked me and there were what 3? I think that was the number but it was more than one and all the time it ended with Trevor crying! I understood Mark had issues after his ex, but he wouldn't let Trevor tell him he loved him. And when he did, Mark freaked out and walked away.

I liked most of the secondary characters and the way they were incorporated was really nice. Carla was the one I seemed to really dislike, but not enough to go against the book. Overall it was a good read, I loved Trevor, liked Mark (sort of). So my final rating if 4.