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I Can See For Miles

I Can See For Miles - Lisa Worrall This was a lovely story by [a:Lisa Worrall|3501047|Lisa Worrall|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1377298621p2/3501047.jpg]. I Can See For Miles was a beautiful comfort read that had a lot going for it, and the two MC's just melted my heart. I think if you like a story where two of the MC's have issues this could be just for you. It has such a wonderful feel to the story, I fell in love instantly.

The book starts with Josh, who is blind, and his friends who plan on bringing him a camp that specializes on people who are blind. Josh was in an accident and his ex left him because he was blind. He is nervous about the camp, but goes because of his friends. There he meets Charlie, and at first you think he's just the person who created the camp.

As the story progresses though, you learn that Charlie has issues with his sight too. His past was worse than Josh's in my opinion. His ex abused him and when he started going blind would move the furniture around on him and then he would call him clumsy and rub it in that he was going blind. The two men share an instant attraction, but Charlie is too afraid to act on it. His reasons were to protect himself, even if it means hurting himself and Josh.

I loved how the author dealt with Charlies sight issues. He does start to lose his sight completely. There is an accident and Josh ends up in the hospital. After that Charlie breaks up with him. When Josh's friend goes after him they discover he has lost his sight completely and they get back together.

The epilogue was perfect. Charlie has the surgery and gets his sight back!

I would strongly recommend this sweet, adorable book. It's one of those comfort reads for me and it keeps wanting more. I am so glad I read this story.

Highly recommend it!