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Needing Seth

Needing Seth - Shawn Lane 2.75 stars.

Okay so this book was something I was rather excited about. I had expecting something sappy, sweet and that would leave me really happy and glad I read this. Unfortunately I am pissed instead.

Things that bugged me!

*Seth was a virgin in this (not normally a huge issue) but Casey had apparently had a lot of experience, and had been in love. It bothered Seth but I never saw much issue with it from him.
*The overly bigoted parents.
*The lack of an I love you.
*Casey expecting Seth to drop school stuff for him. Yes Casey, the doctor.

I really wanted to like this and maybe the whole virgin at 22 thing won't annoy others (yes it annoyed me because I think he was a virgin in every single way). But it felt unrealistic that there was jealousy from that and it wasn't shown.

Add the fact that Casey admitted to Seth he was in love with one of his exes and brought him home but he couldn't say the words to Seth once in the book?