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Brainy and the Beast

Brainy and the Beast - J.M. Cartwright This book was not really what I had expected. It was really good and I loved reading it. There were some points where I wanted to punch Nick in the face, but after a while I realised that was just Nick and that he was too slow to figure things out at a normal pace. It was something I learned to live with.

Henry and Nick as a couple could give me some serious whiplash. I was not expecting some of the things to happen and they kept going back and forward. They were two extremes. One incredibly slow for more intellectual matters and the other for real life matters. It would annoy some people it did me for a while.

I loved the way J.M. Cartwright added the family drama in and incorporated the other family drama around it. Grant and Shawn were cute in this and the whole teenage angst thing was nicely written. I wasn't offended by the way teenagers were portrayed in this book, some have greatly offended me.

While reading this book I stopped to think if I would say everyone would love this book. The simple answer is no, this is one of those books for an acquired taste. If I had read this another day I might not have given it such a good review, but I did enjoy it today and had a couple of laughs.