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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home - T.A. Chase This book was fucking perfect. Perfect I tell you!

Yancey and Juan have been secondary characters in this series for so long. I fell in love with them during Brody and Tony's story. This book we got to concentrate on this couple and I loved that. They were sweet together and I knew that from book 2. I was anxious, nervous and excited when I saw they were the couple in the fifth book.

I loved how Juan and Yancey were together. They have grown a lot and matured. Yancey did a lot for Juan in their relationship and some of the book I really felt that there was a scene I worried about them possibly breaking up, it didn't happen and I was really happy. I would say they are my second favourite couple of the series.

Spoilers.Juan found out that Yancey slept with a man to save him after they met. Juan was being pressured by the man and Yancey stopped him.

One of the things about this series is you can expect an MC to get injured. Juan was the one who got injured and was in a wheelchair during this. I actually didn't mind that and it worked well to get our ending. For those who were dying for these two to get their HEA. I have good news.

Major spoilers!Juan proposed to Yancey and of course, he accepts.

I would strongly recommend reading the whole series. You will get introduced to the characters and it would be easier to follow things that happened in the book. Not that you couldn't, but it would save a lot of time.

Highly recommend this book!