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All's Fair in Love and Advertising

All's Fair in Love and Advertising - Lenore Black This was a fun and easy read. I was expecting it from the blurb alone, but the humor in this was some of the easiest I have ever read. It didn't feel forced like other humor books I have read. I wanted this book to keep going and it was sad when it finally ended.

Max and Joe were hot together, but it was the funny scenes and banter between them that kept me interested. It's refreshing to read a book that keeps me laughing and allows me to read it without the hassle of angst around the corner. All the characters worked off each other and with the couple.

I was not shocked by the outcome. You could kind of see it coming without it being too obvious. If it had not been such a funny book the reveal of Abby's character would have annoyed me. It was nice to add the little drama that could make me chuckle without stressing about a major fallout.

I have not read this authors work before but I plan to read more soon. It would be worth it to have a nice read like this when I have read some angsty of depressing books, or even just a day I feel like laughing at a book.

Highly recommend this!