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Hushed - Kelley York Do monsters deserve a second chance?

Wow, this book is book is a tough one. I was gripped from the beginning and although this isn't the typical romance, I loved it. This book would not be for some readers. It's dark and disturbing, it has it's brilliant points. But at the end of the day it's not in everyone's comfort zone. Mine just happens to be in my own comfort zone.

To star off, Archer, to me, wasn't the evil bad guy some may see him as. In love with his best friend and put through so much in his life, he killed for her. A lot of people would so similar in those same circumstances. I found it hard to find him good for a long time. There was a turning point for me that made my eyes open, then a second one that cemented my feelings for him.

His and Evan's relationship was rocky to say the least. I wondered if anything would come from it. It was a friendship in the beginning. But to anyone with eyes and a brain it was obvious there was something. Archer was different around Even. Even the day they met was different. He was different and I could sense the attraction there. He was bad though and didn't chase after Evan.

As the story progressed I felt less like Archer was evil and more like he was sick. His first kill, his father, was after years of abuse. Drugs and drink being the main aspect. Then being held down and forced to watch his best friend be gang raped. It was no shock to me he was messed up. His actions, though not justified, were not entirely his fault. His whole being was full of pain and torture. And I will admit, I had zero sympathy for Vivian. I hated her with a very strong passion. She was not a redeemable character for me. I consider her just as bad if not worse than the characters who were killed.

The ending was not a typical HEA. It was happy and hopeful though. It left us with something that fitted the story. I was glad it ended on Archer and Evan instead of Vivian or another character. As a reader I found myself thrilled reading this. Not for everyone, but definitely right up my street.

Highly recommend this book!