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Finding Shelter

Finding Shelter - M.J. O'Shea This book was better than the second one. I would say it's more 4.5 stars but rounded up because I genuinely loved it. There are many reasons I loved this book and the sap it in was enough for me to swoon. I wouldn't call this a comfort read because it had a bit of angst or drama, whichever you prefer.

I had a feeling Logan would be gay and he turned out to be gay for Justin. The development of the relationship was nice, really nice and I was begging for them to get together. I didn't think they could get any better as characters. Then they got together and boom! sappy heaven! I love sap in my stories.

There were some events, like Justin's dad. I wanted to punch that man in the face so many times. My fist ached to get at the bastard and just punch him through the wall. I am really not a fan of that man.

Spoiler!Justin's dad was abusive and would call him "faggot pussy". The way he treated his son was sick and I wanted to make him pay for it.

Second spoiler!Carrie also came back, she wanted Logan, but he realised that he felt more for Justin than anyone he had ever met.

EndingJustin overheard some of it and went to leave. But Logan chased after him and told him he loved him more than he loved anyone, including Carrie. They finally became "boyfriends".

This is a slow burner where the romance is concerned. If you hate that type of thing avoid it. We had some instant attraction and a very funny realisation of sexuality. Mostly because of Mason. I don't even know why I found that scene funny. I have a strange sense of humor.

This book can be emotional at times. I really felt bad for Justin. I was glad we got to see pas couples return. Amy also had a little development in the book. I hope we get another book in the series and maybe we could get a short to complete this couple?

Highly recommend this series!