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Waves Break My Fall

Waves Break My Fall - Kendall McKenna I am really, really happy I found Kendall McKenna's books. Since that day I have fallen in love with all her stories. Now, since reading this one, I have none left. But because I know this author will be releasing books soon, I am happy. I really love this author and her books never fail to entertain me.

This was hot and short. A marine meets a civilian and they make a connection while both are on holiday. It was nice seeing Kage adjust to returning from Afghanistan. Zach was so good for him in that sense. There was no pressure from him. It was just a gradual thing. An instant attraction that became an instant connection.

This plot is not just sex and it's not just military. It has a great middle ground that this author always does so well. I love the fact she has manly men that have issues. It is refreshing to see our hero's with some confidence issues. It's also nice when they are not moaning about that type of thing constantly.

I was happy with the length. It is shorter, but still a very good novella. But I can see where there would be room for another novella to follow on. But it works as a standalone.