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Maggie Goes on A Diet

Maggie Goes on A Diet - Paul Kramer Someone should be shot!

I don't normally mark a book I have not read, but I felt compelled to say something about this. When a book like this is recommended for a 6 YEAR OLD!!!! It makes me mad. As a little girl I was called fat. I had self-esteem issues and even doctors had a go at me. This is not what we should be teaching kids.

This book is aimed at an audience of 6-12 year old's. Because of the cover alone, it would be read by more girls and would impact them more. I have heard about this book and I find is sad that anyone would give this to a child. I would find it bad parenting to teach a 6 year old baby about dieting and being fat. Kids need to be kids.

I an saddened and appalled that this was aimed at children. It's sick and I think we should discourage books like these for babies.