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The Paramedic and the Writer

The Paramedic and the Writer - R.J. Scott This was another really good RJ book in the Ellery series. Jamie and Ian were a nice couple, we had some old friends back, and the whole thing with the gay bashing. The plot definitely took an interesting turn this time around. I love this author, and this series never fails.

Something that did confuse me the tiniest bit was Jamie's dead lover... I don't normally read stories like that. I'm not a fan of that type of grief... However, it wasn't a big focus and I did love Jamie and Ian. I am kind of wondering, though... Did Jamie love Zach? At one point the answer was no, but then he told Ian he did? Didn't really take from the story at all.

I would really recommend this series to fans of the author and people who like series' with different MC's in an open environment.