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Home of His Own

Home of His Own  - T.A. Chase This book was not as good as the first one. I was sad because I had been looking forward to a series where I adored every book. It wasn't the case here and there are a few reasons. Although I adored the couple a few things annoyed me and it left me with a feeling of something missing, so this only gets 4 stars.

Unlike some I did love Tony and Brody. They were not the issue for me at all and to be honest I thought they suited each other perfectly. They were not as sappy as other couples and to be honest the "love" was felt by me but I wanted it expressed. Which was my main issue. We heard it, but it really needed to be said. It was also nice to see how two men from sort of similar backgrounds came together.

We also had a mini-couple in this in the form of Tony's nephew and Brody's brother. They were a sweet teenage couple and I have some hope for them, not a whole lot for a couple of reason, but I hope to be proven wrong and maybe see those two get their own book one day. I think that would be a nice change.

This series has a thing for horrible families and I am adjusting to that. I loved Tony's back story and it was nice to see some reconciliation there. I would have loved more of Brody's, but this book was centered more on Tony, so I can't really say much more. It was nice to see Les and Randy again too.

Recommend this series!</b?