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Wishing for a Home

Wishing for a Home  - T.A. Chase Again not as good as the first book. I wanted to love this one, normally I love a crossover of my two of my favourite types. This did not do as much for me as it could have. It was sweet enough and it was an enjoyable read, just not what it could have been. I do think this series is great though and I will continue to read the books.

Derek and Max... This couple bugged me to the point of no return. They were amazing together and yet, they broke up... Well, I suppose they didn't technically break up they weren't officially a couple. I still see it as a break up though and a very unnecessary one. I hate those types of break-ups and it's the main reason I cannot give this book a 5th star.

Like the last one I loved the fact we got to see more the other couple's of the series and hear how they were doing. I would have liked maybe some more interaction with those couples. It was not ideal, not by a long shot, I love those other couples and they help make the story perfect.

Back story was similar. Screwed up families. I am getting to see a pattern in these books and I know that the next one has the same issues. It would be nice to see a slight twist on bad family. Not that I am complaining much.

Recommend this series!