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Strength of the Pack

Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna Okay, so after a long time without my review I am finally doing this. Fist off I want to say that this book was amazing. Without a shadow of a doubt this book had a lot of my favourite things here, possessive MC's, sexy scenes and some general sap. If you are looking for a hot shifter story then this is one that I would recommend.

This story has a hint of D/s to it. Though it's not a BDSM book. I loved how Ms. McKenna did this element. It suited the characters, the story and their relationship. Especially Noah, he suited the sub element perfectly. Lucas was not the typical Dom though, he's one that actually cares and it made the plot interesting. We got to see a nice relationship build at a nice pace.

The shifter and military aspects of the story connected well. They also helped the relationship. Lucas and Noah's roles in the military and in the pack were covered well, that didn't fall flat once they became a couple. It actually strengthened the plot. Normally, I would not read a book with the two because I would be afraid I'd get left behind, not here. Here, I had a nice story that the couple worked with.

The possessiveness was a personal favourite part of mine. It wasn't just about screaming "mine" or some of the norms. There was hickey's and protective instincts. It was hot as hell and very nice while reading. God, I love a good possessive character and with this book you get a two for one. It's rare to see two MC's being as possessive as Lucas and Noah.

I would highly recommend this book. It's a very good story and has a lot to offer.