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Bolt-Hole - Amy Lane This book was not what I had expected it to be. It was definitely one of those books that allowed me to get more than romance. Colby and Terrell were a great couple and I was surprised that race was such a big issue in the book. It was also nice though, not many authors would cover this subject and Amy Lane did an amazing job in my opinion.

One of the major hurdles this couple had to face in the book was race. Terrell was black, and where he grew up it was more or less a sin to be white or gay. Or heaven forbid you a man fall in love with a white man. But that's what happened and he did his best to say he didn't love Colby and he wasn't gay. Colby knew though and so did we the reader. It was not said until later, but it was felt.

Colby was perfect in this situation. He didn't accept that Terrell was black he was attracted to that and it was sort of endearing. I wasn't really surprised by it and I found it helped me like him as a character and to later love him. He reminded me of Atticus Finch from [b:To Kill a Mockingbird|2657|To Kill a Mockingbird|Harper Lee|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1361975680s/2657.jpg|3275794]. Even when things were looking bad he stood by Terrell's side. It was nice to see.

The book really began after Colby and Terrell's boss was murdered. But that was a smaller part of the book for me. It was the race issue as well as the gay issue that had me gripped and wanting more. I was not sorry to see the bastard die though, the small bit he was in I wanted to murder him. Yes it's true. I was the murderer. Lol

Highly recommend this amazing book!