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The Farmer's Son

The Farmer's Son - G.A. Hauser Okay so this was a book where there was a noticeable age difference between the two MC's. Wade (40) and Ayden (22). It's a big gap and most people would hate that, for me it allowed the story to develop nicely and it was what attracted me to the story. It was more a comfort read than anything and it was something I needed.

Out of the two MC's Ayden was my favourite. He was sweet, funny and a ball of energy. The smarter of the two MC's in many ways I fell in love with him quickly and easily. It was so easy to love Ayden and the fact he was so horny and cute made me laugh. He got the hang of sex rather quickly. It made me laugh to see him like that.

Wade. What can I say about Wade? In the beginning he pissed me off. He was such a nice character no he was a really, really mean jerk! I could not decide how I felt about him. I understood his pain and why he felt the way he did, but at the same time it was hard to see how he treated Ayden, his brother and love in general.

Both family drama's had me interested. It was fun to see the direction the story took and how far they were willing to go with the story lines. Ayden's father, I never, ever thought I could like him. I was proven wrong in the best way possible. Even the jerk brothers weren't so bad in the end.

The story has a lot of promise. Some won't like all the "drama". Others will love parts of the story and hate others. It all depends on taste and this was mine. The virginal thing was really well done and for me to say that is good. Very few authors make me think a relationship where only one was a virgin can last.

Highly recommend this book to people who want a good age-difference story.