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Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry - Andrew  Grey This was a really cute little story about a young professor and the assistant football coach. As a story this was one of the nicest first timers I've read. It had some things that will put a few people off, but it's one of the easier stories.

Brendon is a geek and he starts off the story awkward and clueless to read life. He literally runs into Josh, the assistant football coach and afterwards the two go on their fist date. I did cringe during the first date. But they were sweet together and I really loved Brendon. He made me get all maternal and I thought he needed a good cuddle most of the time.

“According to the Internet, when you date someone, a kiss is usually expected. It comes at the end of the date, usually, but I don’t think quibbling about it is necessarily a—”

The relationship mixed well with the college story. I found myself thinking Josh was perfect and that he was possibly one of the nicest guys I have ever read about. Then we met his family in this and we got to see a completely different side of him. It was nice but I still wanted to punch him.

SpoilerJosh got jealous when Brendon got on really well with his family. On the way back he really hurt Brendon.

I would say this is a nice story. But if you want angst or a great deal of issues this would not be for you. There weren't many relationship issues and the couple would be a bit too sweet for some people.

Highly recommended!