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Left of Centre

Left of Centre - Zathyn Priest This is a really funny short book. I am a huge fan of this author and any of his book I have read have been 5 star reads. This was no exception and it's the reason I plan on reading more of his work soon. I was amazed by his writing talent and amazing storytelling abilities.

Brandon was not a likable character. That was pretty obvious in the beginning. Even when he was talking about the connection he made with one of the guys he was chatting with, he still wanted to have sex with others. At first I was frustrated by him, but he made me laugh so many times that I had to love him in the end.

Lewis was just amazing and sassy. I was not expecting him to be such an interesting character. Added to that his disability was really incorporated well. I enjoyed his aggressive side and the scene with his mother was hilarious. I was doing my best not to laugh very loud. His little secret was what made the story what is was.

I truly loved the epilogue. It was very sweet and I thought it fitted both these crazy characters. It had that aspect for me that made the story seem a lot sweeter than it probably was. And in the end I got my happy ending.

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