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Healer - Cassandra Gold This was a really good story. The two MC's were great together and I liked the different take on shifters.

When I first added this book I was thinking it would be more traditional in the shifter aspect, but it was actually something completely different. Although the blurb would have been an obvious clue had I read it properly. Anyways, the two characters had their own gifts and both of them were complete opposites, but the worked, you know?

I was loving this story and then Cam, one of the MC's pissed me off twice. One of those times I just wanted to hug Tristan and tell him everything was going to be okay. People won't be getting any spoilers from me, but I will say that.

I loved the fact we had a few real scenes. They were both emotional and sweet, but they also went somewhere. It wasn't just tears and lets go back to stage one. No. The characters developed really well and the relationship was great. I had fun reading the sex scenes and even though there was a lie. I wasn't bummed out by it. You could, or at least I could, see why Cam kept the secret.

Definitely recommended for someone who likes an action packed romance with a different type of shifter.