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Catch My Breath

Catch My Breath - M.J. O'Shea Catch My Breath is an amazing story. It's a YA fan fiction kind of story, with a lovely story that takes you on a crazy journey that will make you scream at the characters and shout with joy. Personally I fell in love with the blurb, then I heard Larry Stylinson and I was skeptical. I am not a 1D fan and for those who aren't you shouldn't worry about not liking this. It was nothing to do with 1D in my mind and that made this story great.

So, where do we begin? Danny is straight, has a girlfriend and the perfect life. He auditions to sing and ends up in a boyband, that changes his life forever. He meets Elliot who is single and the two make a connection. That could cause problems, right? You would think, cheating, lying and overall angst. But not really the case here. Danny broke up with his girlfriend before anything happened. Yes people, he did it before. Shocking, I know. It was soooooooo cute. I am not joking, these two boys had me smiling.

Once they got together we had a steady romance that was sweet, sappy and just plain adorable. Of course in a book we can't have a simple romance anymore, right? Yep. We had some villains who wanted Danny and Elliot to pretend they were just friends. Even though most people had guessed! That did frustrate me, but I fell in love with these two. They had so many cute, lovely, mushy moments that I could forgive the *coughs* beard. That didn't cause much of an issue until later in the book.

I really did feel like such a Directioner reading this. Though I was grateful that it wasn't completely them or it would have knocked this down slightly. So, for a lovable, sweet story. Read this book. It may be YA, but that should not put you off. It was amazing and I think people should take some sort of chance on this book.