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Icecapade - Josh Lanyon This is another Josh Lanyon that everyone loved but I didn't. At this stage I'm used to being the odd one out when it comes to the author. Some of his stories I have loved, and I will admit he is a very talented author. Maybe it's just me? But for some reason I don't have the same love for his books as the majority of people on Goodreads.

There were a couple of things I liked. The couple didn't make me feel a whole lot, but they were nice together... eventually. The whole thing with Noel's... injury was well handled. The ending, though, was like a lot of Lanyon's books, abrupt. Normally I'm not over picky about that if I feel like the book has a HEA. Here, I felt like it was a sort of HFN. With a small bit of hope. Though that's not a bad thing, I felt let down by the ending here. Ex's reuniting normally needs a slightly more solid ending for me to really connect.

I would recommend the book to all Lanyon fans. This is what you expect from his books. And I think his fans will love that.