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The Slayer's Apprentice

The Slayer's Apprentice - Zathyn Priest I can't really review this book without giving away major spoilers, so I'll probably keep this as short as I can. But I swear to God, this book was simply amazing and I don't even think that's a strong enough word to describe how great this book is. Now, I know this book won't be for everyone and it is quite a dark book, so people should probably be warned. But I think most people will probably get engrossed in this book like I did.

I loved the writing. Zathyn Priest is really talented and I always enjoy reading one of his books. And it was even better here because he did make a very hard to like character lovable, at least for me. I kept telling myself Phoenix wasn't a bad guy and that he was just fucked up because of his past, but things kept popping up and they did make me question him. And then there was Daniel. I loved how he didn't give up on Phoenix, even when people wanted him to. Their love story was just amazingly woven into this very creepy, quite often disturbing story.

As for the serial killer and Phoenix's abuse, it was very easy to get wrapped up in that. I was always wondering who The Crucifix Slayer was and hoping it wouldn't turn out to be Phoenix. But I wasn't able to figure it out, no matter how hard I tried. Then when I found out, I was more relieved than anything else. It reminded me of what I'm like when watching a show like Criminal Minds. Always second guessing myself and sometimes I can guess early on, but there are other times, like with this book, I didn't figure it out at all.

Some books are amazing and I always need a HEA. But Phoenix and Daniel (and Echo too) deserved a HEA. I seriously could not fully relax until they got one. I cannot express my love for this story enough and I seriously think people should give this one a try.