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Dawn of Darkness

Dawn of Darkness - Daniel A. Kaine Just not enough romance for me. I though the beginning was very strong. The way Ash and Mik came together relatively easy was nice. But there wasn't enough of them for me to really love it. I like sweeter romances. Now, what they had was nice, but it was cut short.

I want to point out something. This book was not for me because I was looking for more romance than this one had. But, and that is a big but, if you like world building and dystopian type books, you would really like this. The world building in the beginning was good, but I didn't like the way things went afterwards. Again, that has something to do with the romance. Dystopian isn't my genre of choice and I find it hard to follow along most of the time. So the romance needs to be a lot stronger than it was here. Had the book been a bit shorter... I might have liked it more, too.

Saying all that, I did like the ending. Cliffhangers are not my favourite thing in the world, but here it was definitely welcome. It gave more of a hopeful ending than it would have been without it. I don't see myself continuing with the series. It's juts not my thing. But I think the books would be really good for someone who wants to read something different.

Fans of dystopian books with a sprinkle of romance will really appreciate this book.