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Side Line

Side Line - Ben Ryder Okay, so my thoughts on this are blurred a bit. I liked it, there was something nice about Jay and Damon when they got their shit together. I did enjoy reading this. The secondary characters fitted in well with the story and I love marines in a book. So for me it should have been the greatest book, right?

This is told from Jay's POV. He was out and proud and working in a foreign country when he meets Damon. The blurb doesn't really give the book away, for me it was inaccurate. If you read it you'll expect Damon's POV (or at least I did). Instead you get something different. I will admit I liked Jay's POV.

The book was going great and at the beginning and 3/4 of the way through I loved it. The ending left me screaming and the first few sex scenes just... Eh, I will spoiler these because it could ruin the story. Damon was a brute. He stuffed his cock violently into Jay's mouth. I was kind of confused after that, and it went down hill for me.

Damon's past did help me to... Accept that things had happened in the story. But I would have liked him to have been nicer. He wasn't the greatest character, but I did warm to him... eventually. And as for the ending... I just won't say anymore. People need to have their own opinions on that.

I can't wait for released because I did love Noah and even though this was disappointing, I love the authors writing style and the next book sounds good.