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Released - Ben Ryder Eh... Wow. I am left wondering what I should say about this. I loved Noah, the first book in the series, the second book... ugh... yeah, that wasn't great. This one was better to a certain degree, but saying that, I feel as though the first one was normal and memorable in a good way, but the other two are memorable, but not in a good way.

If you take the romance out of this one, it was a pretty decent story. But the romance between the actual couple... Firs, what romance? This was not really romantic. I had a hard time reading after a while a while, if I'm honest it was kind of ridiculous. Although, if you like public sex, groping, etc.. this would be more your thing than mine. Not that I have a major issue with it, but this book took it to an extreme that I would rather not talk about at this moment in time.

If there's anything I can really say for this book it's that I finally made the connection. The previous MC's were in this. Nothing major, but enough that I was finally able to say the book were connected and not just one-shots. That was probably the best part of this for me because this was really not what I had been expecting.

I guess if people want to give this a go, they can. I'm just not sure the cheating ex, the grieving friend, and the strange relationship is really what I look for in a book. But then again it wasn't the worst book ever.