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He's Gone Home

He's Gone Home - A.J. Llewellyn I am going to say this is a really nice story. It had some nice characters and a very good, well developed plot. So why the three stars? I finished the book and I didn't feel like I had read something I would love to read again. Maybe it's my mood, or I could just be picky, but I could not connect with this book.

Diego is the nice guy. He is a former drug addict and ex-cop. His ex-boyfriend cheated on him, and the dumped him for a younger model. After five years together that was a blow to Diego who put up with an awful lot of crap from his ex. His ex made him feel like nothing and was emotionally abusive. I really wanted to punch him a few times, even though he was not in the story. He "helped" Diego to get off drugs.

So after being set up on a blind date with Vincent, Diego thinks his luck is about to change. Of course getting a DUI does not help that face. Then he avoids Vincent. It goes from there and that's when we start in this book. We ended up with something that probably was a really good book. I can't say much else.

Vincent, he was the character I could have connected with. In this book he didn't work. I loved when he called Diego sweetheart after a short period of time. I'm not sure how he fitted in with the type of story. It could be just me that felt something was wrong... Or I might be a very picky bitch.

Anyway, we have a nice story here. It has a lot going on with some sweet characters and some issues that need to be overcome. Diego's parents took the biscuit for me. They hate him for being gay, his father spat in his face. And they both blame him for his sisters death. He was 6!!! As I said, I could be a picky bitch, but that was my God's honest opinion.

Can't say I recommend it, but others will probably love it!