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A Casual Weekend Thing

A Casual Weekend Thing - A.J.  Thomas This is definitely what I like to read when it comes to thrillers. The story was engaging and we had an actual romance plot going on, not just the crime solving aspect of the plot. The book was written by a new author and she did an incredible job.

I loved Chris and Doug, they were the perfect couple for the book. I loved their chemistry and the overall connection they had. Although this is insta-love, it didn't really feel like it. I'm not bothered either way, but for some, that can be a major turn off when it comes to a book. I will say, the relationship went at the right pace for the book. It didn't all bombard people at once, but it didn't take a long time for something to happen either.

This book is not a light and easy read. For me, that's a good thing. I like darker stuff. Fluffy is good, and I do enjoy reading the nice and easy reads. But sometimes I just crave something that has a darker twist. A Casual Weekend Thing fit the bill. You can see from the genre's that the book deals with some sort of abuse. It's also a thriller, so those two things should be pretty fair warnings for a reader.

I didn't figure out everything beforehand. So, the book kept me guessing the whole time. I like that in a book, especially when it's not as simple as finding the criminal and throwing them in jail. This book takes the reader on a journey. And I found myself really getting into the book. When you know who the killer is in a book, it can be frustrating, so I do prefer not knowing. But I also like knowing (without being told) who the killer is. I don't like not knowing. Surprisingly, it didn't bother me that I really had to keep guessing.

The secondary characters are well written and integral to the story. Ray, Chris' partner, pissed me off sometimes. But in the end, I kinda liked the guy... Maybe... Eh, he was funny. I don't think I love him yet, though.

I highly recommend this book for fans of a good mystery/thriller with a romance plot. It's not a light story, but for fans of the genre's, it is a must read.