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Nanny Dearest

Nanny Dearest - Shawn Bailey Okay, so this could have been a 4 or even 5 star read. I had some major issues though and I could not give it more than 3. In some ways my three has been rounded up because I like to be nice. Nanny Dearest starts off relatively well. A single father is looking for a nanny for his one year old son, Chase.

My first issue We don't find out how Hunter had Chase. We know he loved Chase's mother, but he's gay and it sounded like he was out for a while... I'm not sure how that works. I thought maybe artificial insemination.

Hunter ends asking Terry to look after his son for the night. Eventually though he needs him again and here's where my second issue came in. Chase calls Terry mama. Now, at first it was okay. But even at the very end he was still calling him mama. It just creeped me out in the end and I was not able to get past it. Maybe had that not been in this I would have liked it a lot more.

I found myself asking several times. Why is Terry okay with this? His character for me was... Strange maybe, I just think the author could have gone so far with him and instead we got a sissy and very girly character. Of course there's nothing wrong with that, but still... I like there to be something in a character like him that makes me think.

The two MC's... I have really no idea where the attraction came from or the love. I know they had reactions to each other, but everything seemed rushed or lacking. The ending, which I normally would have loved was spoiled for me. Hunter proposes to Terry and we get mama, daddy and baby now. Have I mentioned that the situation creeped me out?

Not really recommended. Someone might not get creeped out.