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You Rock!

You Rock! - Drew Hunt This was a really sweet short story. It starts off with William thinking his boyfriend of 3 years Tank "Alex" is about to dump him. He tells the story of how they met. William was with his ex who abused him. They were celebrating their first anniversary when he saw Tank and his bad. One thing lead to another and Williams ex punched him and Tank took him to the hospital and stayed with him.

I loved the story, it had a lot of promise and it delivered on it all. The ending was no big surprise.Tank proposed. But I was still glad it was that way and not how William thought it would be. I loved Tank, he was such a sweetheart. I thought he and William worked well.

Things I found cute

*Tank's fear of needles,
*The insta-love,
*How William and Tank met (shocking yes.)

Highly recommend this!