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Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Kiss Me, I'm Irish - Sabrina Luna I read this book mainly because it sounded good. I had some major issues with it and not just the Irish thing, but there was something there too. I cannot comment on the Mexican aspects, but I sure can with the Irish.


*Not all Irish people have red hair!!! And I hate when people associate red hair with the Irish.

And I ask you friends, what's a fella to do?
Because her hair was black and her eyes were blue
And I knew right then, I'd be takin a whirl
Down the Salthill Prom with a Galway Girl

^^^See, proof, that we don't have just red hair, I'm proof too as I have brown hair. Shocking I know!

*At one point Feliple mentioned "partying like the Irish". That's not a huge thing, but I didn't like that it was brought up as if Irish people can only "party". Maybe it's just me?

*The Kiss me, I'm Irish contest! Just, just no!


The writing felt stiff for me and I would have liked it if the author had mentioned the names of some Irish songs during the St. Patrick's Day celebrations. I leave this review now wondering why this happened to me.