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Outlast the Night

Outlast the Night - Ariel Tachna I am a huge fan of the series. Caine and Macklin captivated me in the first book and from there my love of these characters grew. I'm not sure of there are more books in the series to come, but I sincerely hope there will be. I don't think I could get tired of reading about the couples or catching up with the characters, both new and old.

The blurb describes the basics. Sam, Neil's brother, is getting divorced and needs a place to stay. Jeremy is Taylor's younger brother and gay. What it fails to tell you is the emotional abuse Sam suffered during his marriage. Yes, he cheated. But, I could not hold it against him. His wife made him feel like dirt, she never wanted to spend any real time with him, and it wouldn't shock me if she knew he was gay.

I loved Jeremy and Sam together. They didn't do anything because Sam was legally married, and they wanted to get to know each other. Plus Jeremy helped Sam with his awful self-esteem. There was no sex in the book. It wasn't about that and it was kind of refreshing to read. Some couples just aren't the hot and sweaty fuck buddies. Others might not like that, but I adored it. Especially when you take Sam's low self esteem.

Cain and Macklin. Well, where to begin? I have always loved them as a couple they had some nice moments in this book. We finally see Macklin tell Caine he loves him. There were a couple of those scenes. The we had the nicest present from Caine to Macklin and it made me smile during the scenes that followed. Caine found Sarah, Macklin's mum. She moved to Lang Downs and is as funny as hell. Especially her and Kami and they moved in together. For me that was the nicest thing about the book, as well as the slow building relationship.

This is a great series, and I feel greedy asking for more. But what can I say? This series keeps getting better and better. I love it and the fact we see more of the characters and get new characters is an added bonus. Plus I want to catch up with a certain new character who should be fun to read about. I have high hopes for a fourth book, but I won't hold my breath, although it would be wonderful if it happened.

Highly recommended series!