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Hold the Sky

Hold the Sky - A.C. Fox I liked this book, liked it a lot in fact. The MC's were great and there was so much I normally love about this book. So why didn't I like it? It needed an epilogue or it needs a sequel, plus and this is a big one. I hated what happened with Harry and Garrett. I would recommend this book to those who have a tolerance for break ups.

I started off really liking this book. It could be seen as enemies to lovers I'm just strange for not seeing it that way. But I think it had an element of sap here. Not enough for me to mark this as sappy, but it had it's elements. A rich business owner/architect courts a new guy just starting out in the business. It had a medium build, it was fast, but for me felt very slow and easy.

Harry was confusing for me as a character. I actually liked Garrett, not so much Harry because he was so... so self-deprecating it got annoying when he had no real reason. It normally doesn't bother me and characters like that are normally favourites of mine. He just went overboard for no reason that was given.

I needed so much more from this book. But there were some really nice elements in it and this normally would be a 5 star read. But with a story like this, and I am sorry to say it, you need a proper sob story. You need the character to have an abusive/lonely/bad past. This was not there. I like this author though and I would like to try more from her soon.

Is it just me or does the blond guy on the cover look like Chad Michael Murray?

Give it a go, maybe people will like it more than I did