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Fennel and Forgiveness

Fennel and Forgiveness - Ari McKay This book had a lot of promise. Though for me the "forgiveness" ones can be tricky. I liked this book (sort of). To be honest I liked it enough to give it 2.5 stars, rounded up. But not enough to give it more. Maybe others will connect with this story more than I did. Personally, this could have been amazing because the overall idea was better than most stories of their kind.

Darius and Max were together years before this story. Max wanted to further his career and left. Darius ended up bitter and alone, and afraid to date younger men. Both pined after each other, yada yada. And shockingly Max comes back for work. He and Darius meet again and that is where this story begins. Shocking I know, people would never guess what happens.

When the story started I could feel Darius' anger. That was the one emotion I felt from this book. The love, lust and forgiveness? Not one little bit. Even Max was just dull... I couldn't connect with them on the emotional level of the story. Then we got into the forgiveness.Max forgave Darius for not letting him explain himself better. After a battle Darius forgave Max.

The ending was okay, not exactly what I wanted to read, unless there was a huge time jump. Max proposes and Darius accepts. It could have gone so much better and the story had so much potential. The whole relationship could have been more believable or something, but it was just dull.

Not one I would recommend, but others could like it.