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My Cowboy Heart

My Cowboy Heart - Z.A. Maxfield This was a really emotional book. It started off funny enough and I really got into it. But I hadn't expected a book as emotional as this one. It was a book that had great characters, an interesting plot, and something that showed the kindness in people's hearts. I loved the fact that Mallory and Crispin had somewhat similar pasts. It was nice to see those similarities as both men had lost people in their lives.

The book is told in Mallory's POV and I found it wonderful. I'm a huge fan of 1st person stories and Mallory was such a complex character, that it made sense his story would be told like this. His story was sad. He was a lonely man in a room full of people for so long. What Crispin said was true, you can be alone in a crowd of people. And for Mallory, that really was the truth.

Normally, I hate it when a character dies and it's just to make things easier or more convenient. But sometimes it really does help a story or a character. And in reality, people die, so the way death was handled here was so well done and emotional. I hate to say it, but I was glad it happened the way it did. It added that raw emotion to it, and in some ways, I believe it's what made Mallory less alone in the long run. Strange as it may be, it's kinda how I feel.

Crispin was just a great character. He was out, really out, and at the same time, he had his own issues. It showed a great complexity. The man who acts like an excitable child, had so much pain in his past. And he suffered. I mean he really suffered. And like Mallory, he was probably a tiny bit alone himself. I was glad he was Mallory's opposite and at the same time, he was so like Mallory. His past did shape him.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I have a thing for cowboys and this author told the story really well. I fell in love with the MC's and have found a new book that I love.