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Up in Arms

Up in Arms - Kindle Alexander This book is for all those sappy fans like myself. I'm a very proud fan of the sap in books and I always loved Marines in books. As most people know I normally love books like this and I tend to rave about them in my reviews. So why the 3 star rating? It would say it's more 3.5 because it was an easy enough read. I did have issues with it though.

The book starts and Trevor has a crush on his best friend Brody. Then at his other friend, Rylies wedding he meets Reed. Rylies older brother. From there we get insta-love (something else I love). We get a lot of endearments and a nice little love story. I just got annoyed after a while.

To call this book angsty would be wrong. It wasn't angst, it was drama more than anything. Brody told Trevor that Reed would rather be with him (Brody) and was just using Trevor for sex because that was all he wants from a guy and sets it up to look like Reed had agreed to have sex with him. I really didn't like Brody and Trevor had a crush/was in love with him? I would have told Trevor to get a life years before if I had been Rylie. My God it got on my nerves.

We also had some hospital/recovery scenes. I normally love them, it just added to Trevor's issues for me. He had enough of those. The ending was very good though, I liked him then. It was nice to see him grow some balls and get a backbone. I can't say much about Reed. I did prefer him over Trevor.

If you hate endearments like handsome and love, avoid this book. It's littered with them.

Read it if you want. I liked it, but it was just Meh for me in the end.