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Learning to Feel

Learning to Feel - N.R. Walker OMFG I adored this story! For a freebie this was just amazing! Nothing about this story was bad for me. Sweet. Cute. Hot. Amazing. I really can't describe this story well enough. Good God I am so glad I read this but annoyed at myself for not reading it sooner.

Nathan is a doctor who isn't happy. He has an amazing family and a great job. But he works too hard and has no personal life. So he decides to move somewhere new and start fresh. When he arrives he meets his the man who's paining his house, Trent. Trent also has a really lovable dog Bentley.

Nathan has always presumed that he's straight. Sex isn't great. But he's still straight, right? But he can't keep his eyes off Trent. And of course, Trent is gay. I adored the way those two met and the attraction. It was sweet, cute, adorable, and so much more wrapped into a freebie that made me smile.

This isn't angsty. If you need angst in a story, look elsewhere because you will not get that here. What you do get is a coming out story with two characters that have their issues, mostly Trent, though. You will find two men that are perfect for each other. And they really were perfect.

I can honestly say I adored Nathan's family! Trent's... Not so much. But to stick with the happy. Nathan's family are incredible. His whole family are just really supportive. And they played a great part in the story. I can't even fault them. They made me laugh a few times, especially Nathan's brother.

This is a new favourite of mine! Loved it!