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Grey's Awakening

Grey's Awakening - Cameron Dane Wow, where to start. This book was frickin amazing. From start to finish I was enthralled by this book and stayed there until the end. When you hear a book is hot, you might not believe it. But trust me this book was HOT! And I'm not even blushing about it. I was a tiny bit skeptical in the beginning, but God, I enjoyed reading this.

Grey and Sirus met in such a funny way. I was laughing my ass of at the beginning and I was frustrated by the end of the first chapter. Looking for sexual tension in a book? This would be the one for that. It was scorching hot and I needed some hotness. Between Grey's past and Sirus' ex we had a lot of tension and lack of trust. Sirus' ex was married and Grey's parents neglected him and his sister.

I loved/hated how they were so hot and emotional and sappy, but they didn't really talk. They discussed things and then Grey would close up and we got some more frustration which was followed by more steamy sex. Did I mention that the sex was hot? Of course there was a would-have-been love interest. Noah had a massive crush on Sirus. But was was one sided.

I loved the ending and the confession of love. It was sweet and perfect and adorable for the couple. If you had expected any less from them shame on you. These two were soul mates, in every sense of the word. I think it was perfect how open they became. Even going bareback from the beginning. So do I recommend this book? Hell yes!!!

Go read this book if you want something hot!