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Starfish and Coffee

Starfish and Coffee - Kele Moon Wow, okay so this book amazing! It was angsty (sort of) had a bitch mother, two hot guys and a sweet story. Normally, stories like this can piss me off, there are many reasons that happens. But I loved this for the reasons it was slightly different. There were so many sweet moments my heart was aching for more.

Matt and Alex were just perfection. The nickname's were so fitting for them. Matty and Lexi were soul mates, I think the way they loved was so sweet and even when they broke up I knew it couldn't be forever. It was just the way they were as a couple. Both so young, they needed to grow without each other. It was nice to know Matt had Holly after his screw up.

I would strongly recommend this book to those who enjoy a good "love conquers all" type of story. It's the best way to describe Matty and Lexi and you even get a cool best friend who was perfect for the story.

Highly recommend it!