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Mind Magic

Mind Magic - Poppy Dennison I really enjoyed this book. It was a lot sweeter than I expected. It's not like other shifter stories, which was nice. Gray's son was cute and a nice addition. I was glad his son's mom was mentioned, too. But it did make me wonder how often that happens. The whole gay guy gets drunk and sleeps with female friend... Eh, I guess I'll never really know. She wasn't exactly a huge feature in the book or one of the evil women, so I can cope.

I have to say how much I loved Simon. I just wanted to hug him and never let him go. He was such a wonderful character and I loved him instantly. To me, he was a bit of a lost soul, but someone with a really big heart. The connection and bond between him and Grey's son was the icing on the cake for me. Him with kids in general was just beyond adorable. His hesitation is what made this story really good because once I realised the shifters mate thing wasn't the same as other books, I wanted something real to be built. Not that I have an issue with insta-love. I don't. But it's nice to have a change every now and then.

There were a nice few secondary characters. Some I loved, and others I didn't really care much about. But they all made the story a really, really good read. I'm really glad I read this book and I would recommend it to people who want a different take on a shifter story.