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Honeymoon Cottage

Honeymoon Cottage - Matt Brooks This is one story that does not really fit into a box. It's historical, but you could classify it as fantasy too. For a lot of people this book wouldn't be enjoyable. It's very surgery sweet with a May/February romance. Added to that a lot of male characters are gay. I think this would be like [a:Talia Carmichael|4748302|Talia Carmichael|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1331480649p2/4748302.jpg]'s series'. There are so many gay men, I actually liked it.

Dale is 18 years old and on his own when he meets Rey, a man in his late 30's. With almost 20 years between them a relationship begins. It was very sweet, very romantic and very sweet. One thing was the age of consent is 21? I always thought it was 18! Maybe I'm not familiar on American law and the history. Anyway, that causes an issue when Rey finds out exactly how old he is.

We see the relationship develop. In so many ways it was insta-love. It was all before the 20% mark, which I loved. No other way for me to describe it. I love stories where the MC's fall in love fast. Dale was so devoted it was funny. It could get repetitive, and if you don't like the story it will bug you. So many times things were repeated. I happened to overlook that in favor of the lovely story line.

Things were very open. We meet a lot of gay couples who are openly gay. Sometimes it didn't feel like a historical romance. Rey's family were very accepting of gay people. Dale's family kicked him out. Although from the small bits we learned in the book it was no loss. I was kind of glad we didn't have to read a lot about that, just enough to learn the important things.

One thing bugged me somewhat and I almost knocked the rating down because of it. Rey accused Dale of cheating. It was annoying to hear him go on about the age difference so much. Fans of May/February romance might like this. You would have to love the sugary sweet nature of the book and the lack of the historical feel of the book.

Recommended if you want something very sweet and romantic!