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Hobbled - John Inman Okay, so this is one of those books you'll either love or hate. I loved it. There are things that I like to read that were here, even if they are not popular themes, I do enjoy a good insta-love story. Admittedly, not all of them are done well or believable. But John Inman did a great job with this story.

After getting arrested at work Danny is left with an ankle monitor. Meaning he is not allowed to leave his house for a few weeks. His dad has to go away on a "business trip" and he's left alone. Danny is a virgin and makes is quite clear he wants to rectify that ASAP. But while he has the monitor on he has to settle for jacking himself off. Right?

Wrong. All that changes when Luke, his new neighbour, moves in. The two boys meet and... Well, you can guess that they don't sit around playing scrabble. The boys were both funny and hot. I thought they were a very cute couple and they made me giggle and smile through the book. It was also nice to see how clumsy yet comfortable they were with each other. My inner sap was enjoying this book with me.

But the story isn't quite that simple. There's a murderer, some really cool kids and a creepy neighbour. Both Danny and Luke were tied into everything which made things extra special. Of course there was one character that didn't get much reading time thank the lord! Danny's mother was annoying and made my blood boil, she was like a 3 year old. Then we get to Danny and Luke's dad's.

They were actually a couple and Luke's dad was Danny's dad's business trip.

So if you want a story that is so out there and funny this would be for you. If you want a realistic book, run away screaming, best avoid this one. I highly recommend it for fans of the author and people who enjoy a good giggle