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Boy Crucified

Boy Crucified - Jerome Wilde This book was not as good as I had first thought it would be. I was expecting great things. And to be honest, there were some good moments. But as a whole, the book was bland. A few times I found myself chuckling, which is why this book got 3 stars. But apart from that, it was pretty bland and the romance was not for me.

The ex-priest turned cop was something new. I thought it would make this book a favourite of mine. I like stories that reach out and grab you. But this was not the case. I got bored reading the Thomas' internal monologue. The Catholic part came and went. It was a bit sloppy and all over the place for me. I was expecting more... Not that you don't get enough, but it just could have felt better. Maybe it's because I was raised in the Catholic church? Not so sure.

Thomas and Daniel... What can I say about those two? They annoyed me and yet I could laugh in the beginning. Their relationship felt strained. Then there was the mention of Thomas' dead-lover. He was thrown in every now and again. Not really a major part of the story, but he wasn't brought up in the right places. It affected some of the feelings I had started to form for the couple. It was almost like he was looking for a replacement... But then I felt less affection for the dead guy too. So I was really lost.

When all is said and done, the crime part was the best. It went along easily and I didn't feel nauseas. During the sex scenes in this I did feel rather sick... Again, it could have been me. But I even found the details of the murders less sickening than the sex. I mean, I am not a prude but... Meat? I never liked "his meat" used during sex. And the murders in this should have been horrific, but me for it was the sex.

Anyway, I would recommend this book for fans of cops and religion in books. You could get more out of it than me, but I don't think this will be for everyone.