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Night and Day

Night and Day - Mandy Rosko I am a huge fan of enemies to lovers and vampires. So when you put the two together, add some great sex scenes, and a lot of sweetness, you get one very happy girl. This book was really good. Fair enough, it won't be everyone's thing. But for vampire fans, this is a book you should try at least. It was just lovely to read.

Cedrick, a sun sprite, and Silus, a vampire, meet at a party hosted by Silus' parents. There is an instant attraction that lead them to a night together. But that was not enough for either man and they met again. It was a great way to start the relationship. The fact neither man really cared about the families being at war made it a bit more realistic. It wasn't a story about the MC's fighting their love or connection throughout the story.

The secondary characters. Ben was my favourite and I wasn't surprised about his feelings. I think most people could have guessed how he felt without really trying. Then there were the families. I kinda expected them to not come around. When they didn't, it wasn't a huge deal. Out of the two, I would have seen Silus' family being somewhat more accepting.

For people who did not know, I am not a huge Romeo & Juliet fan. Shocking, yes. But I read it for my junior cert and have not looked at it since. Does that tell you? So anyway, this book had aspects of the Romeo & Juliet thing... But this was far less depressing and much more enjoyable than Romeo & Juliet. It could be the fact it was about two men or maybe the fact the ending was nicer. But I would rather have read this in school.

I recommend this book. Fans of vampires should love it!