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The Final Line

The Final Line - Kendall McKenna Okay, I just have to start off by saying, I love this author. No joke. She is amazing with military stories.

Now that I have that out of the way I can start talking about this book. Where to start... It's the final in the series... Sad, I know. I'm almost in tears. I loved these characters and Corey just broke my heart here. I never expected to love this book as much as the other two, Kellan and Jonah are just hot and everything else I love in two guys.

But Corey and Sean were just so sweet and adorable and... hot! They were really smoking hot and even their first kiss had me swooning. It was a slow burner in some respect. But their relationship built over time and it was stronger because of it.

I loved the military talk. You kind of get used to it, because in the first book it lost me once or twice, but then I loved the story and I didn't care. It was a different story here because now I expect the military references. I started to enjoy it after a while and then it became a vital part of the story.

Ms. McKenna did an excellent job with the PTSD as well as Corey's other issues. He was realistic and believable without being unlikable. That can be very hard to do, especially when you read books with unlikable PTSD sufferers. His recovery was slow and gradual and he had help. Something that I really loved was he didn't have to recover on his own, he had Sean, Jonah and Kellan to help him.

Another great thing and I want to give Kendall a big hug for this is she had Kellan and Jonah in this. They were not forgotten, which is nice for fans of those two. Plus they helped with the story a lot. I loved seeing the smaller signs of their relationship in this book. It was subtle, but nice.

Unfortunately, this is the last book in the series. I am glad it ended on a high and love the author for giving us these wonderful characters. So, all I can say is I highly recommend this series to fans of MM military romances.