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Glitter - Ayla Starr What can you say about a 9 page story? Not a lot right? Wrong. This is the exception to the rule that a short story can't capture your attention. I was captivated from the first page and it was short, brief but truly real. It was told in a letter but gives hope for maybe a longer story in the future. The ending was just wonderful.

“I won’t ask you to kiss me,” you said softly.

I could feel you clinging onto me tightly, as though I could disappear any second. All the past memories came flooding back,

“You don’t have to,” I answered.


So all I’m saying is take that tiara back out, place it on your head, and prance around like a goddess. Paint your face, paint those pictures, paint the entire world if that’s what I haven’t forgotten, Danny; about anything. So don’t you forget either, okay? And if you’re ready to take those first few steps forward, so am I. But it’ll have to be one step after the other.

A coward can’t handle too much at a time.

Happy Valentine's Day, Danny.

Highly recommended!!!