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Fall For Me

Fall For Me - Ann Lister I'm not really sure what I should say about this. The idea was really good and one I thought I would love. Some parts worked well and others didn't. I'm giving this 3.5 but that isn't a very sure rating for me. I'm rounding it up and down in my head all the time.

Things I liked.
- The gay for you. It was believable, I guess.
- The chemistry between the two MC's.
- The fact it's part of a series, but I won't be continuing it Had it worked more, that would have had me very excited.
- It has a HEA.

Things I hated!Yes, hated
- Dagger's hands spread over Ryan's chest, covering both his breasts. I don't think I need to say any more.
- The break up. I felt it was something to add in order to make the book longer.

It might seem strange that I only have two things on the second list. But they really bugged me. The break up maybe more so, but I think overall the book felt a bit like.... I don't know. Maybe this would have worked better as an m/f book? It certainly felt like that a couple of times. However, I did think the couple were good together during some of the rare scenes they weren't arguing or unsure. It was a bit difficult for me, I have to say, to see how things turned out. It goes from one issues. Ryan coming out. To the thing that lead to their break up.

Overall, this wasn't exactly a bad book. Maybe it would work for others, but for me it just wasn't working as well as it could have.