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Love, Like Water

Love, Like Water - Rowan Speedwell Okay, so this book has gotten mixed review. I can see why. But, for me, this book was beautiful. One warning I will give is it's a slow burner. A lot of this is not just romance, but recovery. It's about Josh's recovery and Eli's love for him. Sounds cheesy. And it is. But it's also the truth. I'm not sure this will be for everyone, but I am saying that I am a huge fan of this book.

The story is simple, when put together. But reading it, there are a lot of details in the story. Josh is an ex-FBI agent. He moves to his uncles farm after rehab. He was undercover for three years. During that time he saw a lot of bad things. Things that he would rather forget. His uncle, Tucker, was such a good person for Josh to be staying with. He was clueless most of the time. But he offered Josh love, and sometimes, that's all that matters.

There is an attraction between Josh and Eli straight away almost. But Josh is fucked up and doesn't have time to concentrate on his love life. Eli just wants to help him. That attraction leads to some lovely scenes and some difficult scenes. But I never felt like the characters had no connection. Their connection was strong and partly, I think it was because neither man rushed into anything. The romance was well built, and it filled out enough of the book.

There are some scenes you can laugh at. Others that are no laughing matter. But it all blended well together. My favourite scene was the waterfall scene *swoons*. For a book to have a scene like that, it automatically becomes a 5 star book. It was just so sexy. Hell, romantic even. The jealousy was good, it showed how much both men cared. And Tuck? He had some funny lines that had me chuckling.

“Well, I been reading, and they say that men think about sex every eight seconds, and gay men every five….”

The epilogue was funny and it left room for a sequel. Maybe? I think a sequel would be nice, but not needed. Still, I would be happy to see these characters again. Highly recommended.