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Last of the Summer Tomatoes

Last of the Summer Tomatoes - Sherrie Henry I am so giddy right now, so excuse my review if it's all over the place.

I pre-ordered this book because the blurb captivated me. I mean, I fell in love with this from the get-go. It took a few weeks, but it was finally released this morning. I had expected to love it. But, the way I feel about this book. I am just so emotional right now. It was just super, super cute and lovely and sweet and GAH!

Kyle. My baby, Kyle. He was just so lost. His step-father, Hank, the asshat, was horrible and he hurt my baby. So he lives with his mom and step-dad, his father died a few years ago in a hit and run while he was crossing the road. I loved Kyle's emotion or lack of, regarding his life. It was real. It made me feel so many feelings. He gets into a lot of trouble with the law because it's better than going home. So, when covering for a friend he gets sent to a farm...

Glenda and Walt were introduced at this point. I loved this couple! My God, they were amazing, funny and wonderful people. I would kill to have more characters like them in books. They treated him with such kindness, and he had no idea how to feel about it all. But then he meets Sam, their son. It started another incredible journey.

Sam was perfect for Kyle. He was a perfect character. But as much as I loved him, Kyle was my baby. Their romance was so beautiful and real... I just wanted them to be happy. But they were realistic. It was a summer thing, first loves and all that. But it was really so much more. Even when they were apart, it was supposed to be the two of them. They had their time. It brought them back together, which was needed. It was just so... so... real. I was so in love while reading this book.

It's pretty long for a YA novel. I think this author did a spectacular job in writing Kyle. The abuse he suffered at Hank's hands... Well, that was just something unforgivable. I found myself engrossed in this book. Wanting it to continue long after I had finished it. I could have read this couple forever. I really, really see myself reading this again soon. It is just so good.

I can't wait to read more from this author. It was an amazing experience, reading this book. And I have a feeling this authors work could be just perfect for me.