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Redemption - Remmy Duchene This book was amazing! I was iffy going into it, thinking it would be somewhat different that what it was. I think this is one of those books you will either love or hate, there could be a middle ground, but some of the things would make me believe it is just one of those books. The length would be one of those reasons.

Keegan was arrested and charged with murder at the age of eighteen. He was hated in the town and that lead to no one believing he was innocent. He was openly gay and people didn't like that. It was one of those wrong place at the wrong time scenario's. I really did feel bad for him, especially considering he had family issues to top off his shitty family life.

He gets out and moves onto his grandfathers ranch. There he meets Jaxon and there is an instant-lust there. They knew each other as kids, so I would not say this is insta-love necessarily. I did enjoy the relationship and found myself rooting for them even after the revelation. Jaxon knew who the real criminals were and said nothing, even turning up to the sentencing.

The title suited this story and it was really good. I found myself wanting them to work out. There was a HEA, I really loved the epilogue and the way it happened just melted my heart a tiny bit.