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Nights In Canaan

Nights In Canaan - Kendall McKenna I love this author. Seriously. She always writes amazing books. This has to be one of her most unique stories. Saying that, I loved it as if it was one of those stories I have read everyday. I am trying to put a name on my feelings. This book is a lot of things. But it's not what one would call happy.

The basics of the story are simple. A warrior must kill a vampire who happens to be his lover. They are both reborn and must find each other again. The cycle continues. The vampire wants the warrior to join him, but the warrior know he can't. They are in love. But they only get a short time together.

The story was great. I really loved it. It's sad. But at the same time it's not an unhappy ending. It's more of a promising ending. Kendall could write another book. That's the way things are left... Open. I loved this, would love a sequel. But it is still good enough for me to give it 5 stars.